The LifeGlider™ is a unique, patented, assistive device that is designed to eliminate falls, and permits smooth, upright, hands-free mobility.

Millions suffer from conditions that prevent them from walking in a secure, confident, and balanced way. The LifeGlider secures the body’s center of gravity, promotes upright posture, enables proper gait, and reinforces balance and confidence. Unlike traditional walkers, it can be used hands-free. It alleviates weight from the legs, enabling people to walk, even with limited leg strength.

Whether due to aging, chronic neurological conditions, limited strength, or rehabilitating from accident or injury, the LifeGlider offers a return to daily function.

For people who are mobility impaired, being able to walk hands-free with the LifeGlider—without the fear of falling—is life changing.

LifeGlider is designed to:

  • Prevent falls
  • Reinforce balance
  • Free the hands
  • Restore proper gait
  • Encourage good posture
  • Reduce stress/cognitive load
  • Alleviate weight from the legs
  • Enable confident mobility




Core Mobility Solutions

Preventing falls and helping millions walk is our passion and focus.


Kerry Pope
Chief Executive Officer


Rob Karlovich
Founder and Chief Product Officer


Jeff Gerlomes
Chief Operating Officer


Barbara Cromarty


Michael Lopez
Manufacturing Operations

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The LifeGlider is scheduled for limited release in early 2018. To learn more, complete the form.

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